Welcome to Roselind Co. – A New Brand & Venture

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Roselind Co. today. This has been a long time in the making and I truly put my heart and soul into this new venture. Roselind Co. is a boutique studio for premium branding and web design melted with a lifestyle blog covering everything my romantic soul is inspired by. 

While I’ve been blogging and designing on the side for a few years, I’ve still had my day job of being a fashion buyer and didn’t thought of combining the two nor making this my profession. But when the world shut down about a year ago and I just quit my job to take another one and move to the US, I had to shift my whole plans around. I think as hard as that was, it was truly meant to be for me. I threw myself into learning the parts I was missing in web development and coding and loved doing it more than I can express. And especially more than the career I’ve built over the past years. It just felt very right and natural and so I took the decision to launch my own design studio. 

At first I wanted to separate the branding and web design studio from my personal blog, but I quickly realized that your profession is a big part who you are and that there’s always a human and a face behind a business. This is actually one of the most important keys to your brand identity. And I wanted my own voice and style to shine through it all. That’s how Roselind Co. was born, a connection of two endeavors I love so deeply. A combination of my enduring strategic designs and curated inspirational stories. 

When you arrive to the site you’re landing on the homepage for my design studio. But in the top bar I included a button where you can seamlessly switch between the studio and the lifestyle blog. It also houses the main pop up menu, where you can find the about and contact page, all studio pages and blog categories. Lastly in the top bar there’s also a direct button to the boutique shops, which I’m very excited about. I wanted to create my very own boutiques with all of my favorites for a while and love that I can share all my finds with you here on Roselind Co. now.

The name Roselind Co. is an evolution from my previous name and an ode to my love for florals and timelessness. I didn’t want to use my own name and I very much outgrew Magnolia Charles (which was the name of my blog previously). It wasn’t unique and something I resonated with anymore. Roselind is actually a name I had on my names list for my daughter and when I was in the beginning phase of creating this business I was seeing roses everywhere. It seemed like a sign and from all the flowers I’m drawn to roses more than anything. I’m joyous to say the name Roselind Co. just feels like me.

Something that is very important to note is that while my own taste and style is very feminine, that doesn’t mean all of my designs are. Don’t think you can only work with me on your brand and website, if your style is similar to mine. My brands are very strategic and timeless and rooted in a deep process of finding your uniqueness. The options are endless and I’m confident we can work on a clear strategy that fits your business and resonates with your audience. Saying that I’m definitely focused on personal brands/bloggers, creatives and product based e-commerce businesses.

You can read more about my design offerings on my services and process page. If you would like to work with me on your new brand identity and website, I would be absolutely honored to hear about your project and vision. Please use the inquiry form to let me know about your plans.

I’m also very eager to continue creating even more content and stories that fit the Roselind Co. brand on my blog. Writing blog posts and sharing new places, adventures, style finds and experiences will always be incredibly important to me and something that fills my creative fuels. 

Finally I would like to thank all of you for being here and for sticking with me. And especially the ones, who supported me so much in launching this new small business and kept believing in me. It means very very much and I couldn’t be more humbled by the love and excitement I received.

If you have any feedback, questions or find something on the site that doesn’t work properly yet, please email me at sally@roselindco.com.

Sending love,


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