The Noah Dress

Noah Dress by Golden Girl Collection / Chloé Ballet Flats

My good friends Megan and Laura have launched their own clothing line Golden Girl Collection this year and I’m incredibly proud! They wanted to create something magical, feminine and effortless that can accompany you to all the beautiful place you go. The line that consists of eight dresses is not only pretty, it’s also sustainably made with carefully chosen fabrics and lots of thoughtful details. It’s inspired by Charleston and the Lowcountry as well, which let me love it even more of course.

The dress I fell in love with right away is the Noah dress. A modern day recreation of the dress Allie wore paddling on the lake in the rain with Noah in “The Notebook”. It has that romance and nostalgia that I just love with everything I wear.

The soft light blue and very slightly shimmering satin as well as the floral buttons let me fall in love with this dress. It’s a dress that is perfect for special occasions as well as an ordinary summer day spent outside alike.

I truly can’t wait to wear our Southern inspired dresses together with Megan and Laura wandering underneath the oak trees in Charleston soon. Until then I found what always reminds me of the Lowcountry – jasmine. There’s nothing better than summer days spent in the garden sniffing and watering flowers and having a picnic in the grass or on the patio. I always wear my dresses everyday in the summer since they feel most me and are most comfortable to be honest. The Noah dress will be a frequent companion this season and will for sure always have a special place in my heart. Who knows, I might even go paddling and get rained on soon.

The dress was kindly gifted to me by Golden Girl Collection, but I honestly love it and would buy it with my own money again.

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