Summer Escape to Umbria

In August we spent one week with a group of friends in a villa in North Umbria. We planned to go to Tuscany this year since we’re making a trip together once a year, but we all settled on this house which happened to be in Umbria. The landscape is pretty similar and we all quickly fell in love with the smooth hills and cypress trees. We went there by car, which was a long journey, but so worth it for being able to have some time off in Italy without having to board a plain. Since it was a vacation with friends I didn’t plan on shooting a lot, but I couldn’t travel to such a beautiful place and don’t take my camera everywhere. But to be honest we didn’t do a lot of activities given the circumstances of the virus and rather stayed at the big garden property of our villa at the pool and cooked extravagant dinners in the evenings. It was very much fun!

There were two hilltop villages near us that we visited and that were oh so charming. Monte Castello de Vibio that is very small, but with gorgeous old stone buildings and views. Go there for a coffee or gelato and just enjoy the quiet local vibes when you stroll through the small alleys. Then there is Todi, which is a lot bigger, but still has those small hilltop village atmosphere. It’s filled with life and has the best restaurants to have a lovely truffle pasta for dinner. We went there two evenings for dinner and were so lucky to be able to experience the Italian cuisine. We actually felt safer in Italy where it was small towns, countryside and mainly locals than in the big cities we all live in at home.

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I feel so lucky to say that I was able to travel to such fantastic places during the summer of covid. And what might be even better was you truly appreciated it so much more now. And it was also a lot more relaxing since you didn’t expect anything. We just spent time together and enjoyed the nature and food. My favorite memory from this trip was a barbecue night where we left the fire to burn afterwards and spent the night chatting and drinking wine under the stars searching for all the constellations. You don’t have these moments so often anymore in adult life and I truly learned that I want these moments. Moments of just being present and having fun without pressure.

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