Our Charming Trip to Savannah

After our wonderful stay at the Montage Palmetto Bluff we had just a 30 minutes drive to our next destination – Savannah. Next to Charleston I heard a lot of good words about this city, so I was really looking forward to exploring this place. In Savannah was also the hotel I was most excited about during our whole trip. The Kehoe House is a charming Inn with a long history and the most beautiful interior (and exterior as well to be honest). Every room is designed in a different color scheme with the most beautiful antique furniture. They’re all named after important peoples in the history of Savannah and we stayed in the Johnny Mercer room, who is the songwriter for „Moonriver“. It’s one of the two rooms with a private balcony and I also fell in love with the little corner with the two armchairs and the blue green color palette. At this point I will not admit how much time I spend to decide for a room since they’re all so beautiful.

After arriving and inspecting the room we ventured out for a long walk through the city. We had a quick and easy lunch of sandwiches and sweet tea at The District near our hotel and were ready for the city. Savannah’s and also Georgia’s founder James Oglethorpe planned the city with 24 squares that open up the historic townscape every few meters, so you hop from square to square during your city tour. The squares are filled with little parks with fountains, oak trees and benches making the whole city very green. One of the most famous squares is Chippewa square where Forrest Gump was filmed on a bench telling a woman his life story. That’s exactly what you could do here, since the squares really invite you to stay.

With only my second southern city it was interesting to see that the architecture was quite different to Charleston. The city has its own special charme with the town houses with their entrances on the second floor and gorgeous staircases leading up to them. I asked for the reason for this building style and apparently the ground-water level is very high in Savannah. That’s why there are no cellars and the living rooms and entertaining areas are always on the second floor while the kitchen and laundry room remain on the first floor.

As you know I chose dresses for particular places during our trip and when I saw this blue and green floral rayon fabric, I knew it was meant to be worn in Savannah. The dress is so romantic that it fits the charming streets of this historic place and also reminded me of our room at Kehoe House. It was quite hot during our midday walk, but the fabric kept me cool and airy. My favorite feature is that the skirt kind of floats out and stands stiff a little bit when you tie it in the waist. I’m sure you will see this piece again and again and it will always remind me of Savannah.

If you are looking for the most photogenic streets you have to go to West Jones Street, Gordon Street and Whitaker Street West of Forsyth Park. But seriously there are beautiful backgrounds everywhere in this city. After our walk we went back to Kehoe House for the complementary wine and aperetif hour at 6pm, where a man was talking about the history of the Inn and the city. This can’t be missed, if you’re staying at Kehoe House since it was so interesting to hear all about the story of this historic house and ask your questions. As a history nerd it was such a highlight for me to listen to old stories of the South.

Following the history session we ventured out again for dinner at The Public Kitchen, which was truly delicious. During our walk back we countered with lots of the ghost tours that you can book here, since Savannah has a quite spoky history as well. We decided to sit down on our balcony and hear if we might catch something they would have to say about the Kehoe House. It was actually quite the romantic atmosphere sitting outsite looking down the Columbia Square with some twinkly lights in the dark. We actually couldn’t hear anything they told the venturing peoples and after some time decided to ask google. I can only tell you to not do that! There where just some actually light hearted ghost stories, but the dark and the old atmosphere in the house convinced me that there were ghosts coming to me that night. It‘s safe to say I couldn’t sleep very well, even though I of course wasn’t visited and the bed was the comfiest bed in the world. Julian was just a little mad at me that night (very mad). The next day all my scares didn’t make any sense to me, but let me tell you Savannah’s atmosphere catches you.

A highlight the next morning was our delicious breakfast at our little balcony. You actually climb through the bathroom window, which is an old feature that was kept during the renovation of the house and makes it even more charming in my opinion. If you don’t count the extraordinary sweet service and the wonderful interior design of Kehoe House, this romantic breakfast alone makes a stay worth it. It was truly my favorite hotel of the trip and a must stay if you’re in Savannah.

I really fell in love with the city even though our time was short. You feel set in another time and kind of detached from the rest of the world and the flair is truly one of a kind. It’s a place you want to experience living in and not just being the tourist. I have the feeling I didn’t even see half of its possibilities and definitely file Savannah under come back with more time.

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