Montage Palmetto Bluff

As soon as it was clear that I was going to spend my birthday in the Lowcountry, I knew Montage Palmetto Bluff would be the perfect place to be and the best gift to myself. It’s like a wonderland for all lovers of Southern architecture and oak trees and such an tranquil dreamish spot. The area itself is a huge nature preserve and there’s so much to discover that one night was not nearly enough and I certainly have to return one day. If you want to treat yourself or celebrate a special event in your life, this is definitely the place to stay.

At the Montage there is the main house (the Inn) with a few guest houses nearby and there are also some cottages and rental houses spread over the property. We decided to stay at the main house and got upgraded to a guest house which was beautifully placed at a lake with a small patio. The interior design is right up my alley with classic accents and lots of wood and white. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of all the gorgeous views.

After our arrival around midday we decided to rent bikes since I couldn’t wait to explore the property. You can pick them up at the village which is also a really cute place to visit for a small church and a boat dock right out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. The best way to go afterwards for your tour is the direction to the Morelands. On the way you can find this fabulous path with oak trees meeting with their branches over your head creating the dreamiest natural arch. Exactly that sight was what I came to this place for. It was in my dreams for such a long time and so special to see in reality.

I picked up this dreamy Southern Belle dress at Rebecca Taylor in New York as well (see my previous post about Charleston), immediately picturing it at this place. The very full skirt is perfect for twirling around and I love the classic cut of the top with the slightly dropped waist. The blue floral print will always be linked to my time in the Lowcountry for me. To be honest it was not the easiest to bike around in, but I made it work. The next special piece of my look is this outstanding hat from Preston&Olivia. Unfortunately they don’t continue their business and I got one of the last samples, so this is such a treasure and my companion for many summer travels to come. Lastly I was wearing my favorite new straw bag that I was carrying basically everyday in the South. The small picnic tote is such a unique design and very roomy but light. My favorite wicker sandals went perfectly with the whole look.

Later on we relaxed at the pool for the rest of the afternoon and I was naturally also having a look at every little spot on the estate. After freshening up in our room we walked over the little bridge to dinner at the screened in section of the Octagon Porch. It was a beautiful sunset and the light was so warm and magical. We enjoyed our Southern dinner (especially the wine and cheeseboard) and ended my birthday with a date night at this beautiful place.

The next morning we woke up and I chose my new Gal Meets Glam Polly dress for the hours we had left at the Montage before heading to Savannah. Having this new collection of dresses to pick from everyday was truly a dream come true and made my mornings a lot more fun. We went for a little second round with our bikes admiring all the landscaping and sights again, followed by one of my highlights of the trip breakfast outside at the Octagon Porch. If you don’t dine there in the evening you should have at least breakfast with those sights.

This place is truly heaven! It’s as if you’re in your own little peaceful world apart from everything that might stress you, feeling relaxed and in line with nature. You can just be in the moment and wind down. Next time we’ll stay (and there will for sure be a next time) I would love to take a boat ride and go horse riding, which should be so fun. Thank you for the memorable stay Montage Palmetto Bluff!

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