Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

If you’re planning a trip to Charleston, even just for a few days, you should definitely visit one of the plantations. There’s no better way to experience the Lowcountry’s flora and fauna and get lost under the oak trees. Also it’s a good way to learn about the history of the South, which was clearly not always just pretty gardens. These days they are absolutely beautiful to wander around and enjoy the nature. For me it was particulary special of course, since oak trees are my favorite thing on earth and this whole Southern setting has something incredibly dreamy. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens really was this special place and enchanted me with it’s wild English country style gardens. There is nothing perfect or neat here and that‘s exactly what makes it so charming.

There is a recommended path to take through the gardens in order to really see everything and not get lost and it truly was a wonderful walk to take. The Lowcountry is so rich of greens and blues due to the well growing and blooming flora and many rivers and lakes that make their way through the greenery. Little alligators love this land too and made theirselves right at home at the Magnolia plantation.

For the day I chose this lovely blue dress that is affordable, but the lace details are really pretty and the shade of blue right up my alley. I was very excited to wear it with my precious straw hat (similar here) that fit right in this scenery. A Southern Belle wandering the gardens of her dreams.

During you walk you pass a lot of bridges that makes this place even more romantic. My favorite was this long white bridge sorounded by oak trees. It’s a view, so romantic and beautiful, that you think you’re standing right in a painting or fairytale.

And while you’re at this absolutely breathtaking beautiful place, something that is still always on my mind is the people that have worked here years ago. People that weren’t free – something we can’t imagine these days. We didn’t have a look at the house, but I did at one other plantation Boone Hall later on. There you can learn even more about the history of slavery and their culture that I couldn’t recognize at the Magnolia Gardens very much. I think it’s important to keep that thought about the people in mind while walking these wonderful piece of land.

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