Inspired by Lilacs

All the lilacs blooming right now are making me incredibly happy. The luscious bushes and also this fantastic dress were the inspiration for todays post. There’s something incredibly romantic and special about lilacs, maybe because it’s such a short time they’re blooming. The pastel shade is so sweet and I love to find it on a few lovely pieces for the spring wardrobe.

When I saw this dress I first fell in love with the tiny lilac blossoms sprinkled all over it. And of course I was sold on the plissés, ethereal fabric and loose Georgette midi cut next. It’s very romantic and feminine and I truly love the quality. This gorgeous lilac bush in my parents garden was the perfect backdrop. Is anyone else enjoying wearing loose comfy floral dresses in the garden lately?

This vibrant color is so lovely to wear for spring and I found some more sweet pieces in this pastel shade or even with lilacs as a pattern. I’m especially eyeing this venetian linen mules in every color and the lilac is so pretty as well. And also this headband with lilac blossoms, which would look lovely with a white dress.

Find my six lilac favorites here:

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