How to make Life more Romantic

Romanticism is such a big word for me and one that is having influence on so many aspects in my life. It’s the first word I would describe myself with and one that I associate with my dreams, my philosophy, my style, my thoughts and my actions. Romantic is not just a word for a movie, a love story or a relationship, it’s so much more. It’s about the dream to make your life fuller and little moments meaningful. It’s an intentional way of living, where you choose self-consciously to create distinctive and special happenings. To add dreaminess to whatever you do and to enjoy the exact moment you’re in. I thought about this a lot and found four essential ways to make your life more romantic.


Romance is not about the big events, dinners in fancy restaurants and perfectly planned vacations. It’s about filling your everyday life with excitement, new discoveries and happiness. A few of my favorites things to do are outside picnics, walks in nature, bike rides, making a new dinner dish, baking a cake just because, write handwritten letters to loved ones, doing a special self-care routine, having a spontaneous dance with your love and putting on this new dress with no where to go.


Sometimes I’m in awe of what privilege it is to live on this earth and experience all of this. It’s unbelievably luxurious to see, hear, smell, and feel our surroundings. Make a habit out of noticing those things with a new appreciation. The laughter you share with friends, the stars on the sky at night (isn’t it crazy how big this universe is?), a sentence you recognize yourself in in a book you read, the wind blowing through the trees, the softness of your dogs fur, kids playing without a thought to anything else but the moment they’re in, the taste of pizza, the smell of burning wood. It’s all so good!


Aesthetics play a big role in making your life more romantic. I love this quote of Elsie de Wolfe: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life”. Fill your house with flowers, candles and books. Play soft jazz or country music in the background. Add cozy soft blankets and pillows to your couch and bed. Hang up art you love very much and fill a diffuser with essential oils. Use clean beauty and cleaning products. Choose the pretty way even if it’s the longer one. Take your afternoon tea in you best porcelain. It’s all about creating an atmosphere you feel inspired and at home in.


Intentionality is key in order to be able to truly feel and live a life you love. Reflecting is important, so the best way to do that is to journal and make gratitude lists. The process of writing down your thoughts and stories is incredibly romantic and will help you to understand and to grow. Lastly take lots of pictures along the way. Not just of your food, but of special moments shared with your loved ones, of scenes you always want to remember, of things that deeply inspire you. Treasure them forever.

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