Fornalutx – A charming hilltop village in Mallorca

There’s nothing that feels as regenerating to my soul as exploring new places. In particular charming hilltop villages with quaint alleys to stroll through on a balmy day. I already knew a few pretty villages in Mallorca, but Fornalutx was a new one. I must say it’s my favorite place on the island now. Even the route there is breathtaking and whenever I drive through the Tramuntana mountains I feel like I leave the usual Mallorca behind me and dive into a magical world of nature and serene sights.

On this particular Saturday the weather was wonderful, the sky was an endless blue and Spring blooms where in full force. Upon getting out of the car and walking into the village I immediately smelled jasmine and other flowers and the atmosphere was just so perfect, I could cry. Actually I smiled so big and was the happiest I’ve been in a long time after this winter.

One of the best things of exploring a new village for the first time is that you never know what waits around the next corner. A huge bush of the prettiest pale yellow flowers, an al fresco scene of a table with a lace tablecloth and bowl full of oranges and lemons, a charming pastisseria, lavender and jasmine, or just another light-flooded alley full of tiny natural stone houses with shutters – you can find it all in Fornalutx.

You could walk around the alleys for hours and also have gorgeous sights of the surrounding mountains. Whenever you have a more active day, there are wonderful hiking trails around the village too, which we also took advantage of on another day. Mallorca truly has so much to offer for everyone and if you plan a visit you really have to head up north west to the Tramuntana mountains.

The best day for anyone that loves to visit and explore small villages would be to start in Fornalutx in the morning, take the scenic route along the west coast driving down to Deià and stop there for lunch (can thoroughly recommend the restaurant Nama) and then head to Valldemossa in the afternoon. That way you would explore three wonderful charming villages in one day while seeing so much of the west coast of Mallorca and sights of the Tramuntana mountains along the way.

So put on a pretty dress and take your market tote with you since there are lots of lovely little shops in all three villages, don’t forget your camera and plan a day that will make you incredibly happy and leave you inspired and dreaming. Fornalutx stole my heart and I think I will remember this day and how I felt for a long time.

P.S. Obviously this visit was during the corona pandemic and masks were required everywhere. I only took it off for the pictures when no other people where in sight.

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