Fall in Charleston

Fall in Charleston is certainly what I would call summer in Germany, yet here it’s all about the release of the heat and humidity and the start of the outside season. The season, where everyone in Charleston can’t seem to get a day by without saying “Isn’t the weather just heavenly?” at least once. Charleston certainly doesn’t have the changing leaves or autumnal colors, yet still the first slight crisp gets you really excited for all the fall events and activities. To be honest, I could live this kind of fall every year and am glad to get a bit more sun and beach days in before winter. 

What to wear in Charleston for fall?

Most days you don’t need any layers yet, but sometimes a little cardigan can come in handy when the air cools down in the evenings. And when you’re inside and the air conditioning is still on, I’m always freezing, so I love to have a few cardigans and sweaters to throw over my dresses. I’m not one that wears bold colors, so in the fall I rather gravitate to creams and browns. This floral embroidered cardigan gives a rather summery or simple outfit a splash of fall and can be worn in so many different ways. I really like white dresses and this one instantly caught my eyes with its broderie collar and sleeves. Other than that you can add nude sandals or your favorite pair of loafers or sneakers and I totally wear my wicker bags year round. And I have to say this is the only headband you’ll ever need – classic and goes with everything.

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