Evening light at Hampton Park

There is just this one more post left from Charleston and since we’re experiencing a serious heat wave in Europe lately I thought it was quite fitting. After a melting day in Charleston at Sullivans beach we went back home to shower and dress for dinner. Often times I’m way to lazy to put on make up just for the evening and especially during summer I stay make up free on most days especially during the weekend. For this evening we wanted to have a walk through Hampton Park while the sun set and head to dinner afterwards. After showering I just threw on this white cotton dress with my favorite wedges and didn’t bother to style my hair or do my make up. I love to go out all natural and right after the beach you still have that sun glow in the face and ocean breeze in the hair, so no styling needed at all. We arrived to Hampton Park right for sunset and shot this few pictures. I got really excited to see all the blooming fauna and the light let everything feel even more magical. This jasmine arch was my favorite sight and the smell was heavenly.

During the last couple of weeks I definitely adapted this style in Germany since it’s incredibly hot. Easy light cotton pieces, wild hair and no make up is my favorite look. There’s just no way to put on anything or curl your hair in this melting heat and I especially enjoy being bare faced. Honestly my make up is mostly very natural so you don’t see a big difference. I truly enjoy the summer, being outside in nature, the long evenings with the sun setting after 10pm and just doing things with friends and family.

What’s really astonishing for me lately is that I still love to dress pretty and feminine, but gravitate much more to easy and comfy pieces. They can’t be to tight or structured and definitely need to be out of a cozy and light material. I already love the D’Astoni dress out of my last post here and this white maxi one is also on heavy rotation (and currently on Sale). I found a few more perfectly white summer dresses and especially love this one and this one.

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