Classic Spring Staples in Mallorca

Hola from Mallorca! Even though I’ve been here for about a month now, this is my first chance to write a blog post after my sickness and the launch of Roselind Co. (which was very exciting and rewarding). It was a true revelation to get out and explore after a many months long winter behind my computer. I couldn’t believe that I was able to experience true spring weather and the ocean after being inside and not feeling well for a while. It’s a mild 18 degrees here most days and the sun in your face is already so warm and brings so much hope and joy.

My favorite activity is an early picnic on the beach for dinner while watching the sunset. Just some bread, cheese, aioli, melon and grapes and a cold drink. It’s absolute heaven on earth and I can’t imagine a life that is not close to a beach anymore. I’m so thankful to be able to spend spring on this beautiful island!


The older I get the more I gravitate to classic and timeless pieces. I would always describe my style with these words, but I truly realized that I’m traditional and nostalgic through and through and there’s just no room for quick trends and experiments in my life. For spring and summer and for a coastal lifestyle I just love a classic striped shirt and white loose linen pants. I absolutely love the timeless fit and light blue color of this striped shirt and the soft comfy fabric and high waist of these linen pants. The best part is both are under a 1oo pieces and the quality is still amazing. I truly feel this outfit could’ve been worn by Audrey and Grace decades ago and is still perfect for today and in 30 years. 

I also think this look can be worn by so many body types and ages. You can never go wrong with the classics and I have the feeling I’ll rewear it again and again. Just top it up with your favorite straw accessories and you’re ready for the season ahead. So happy spring is here and I hope you all feel the change in the air after a hard year too!

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