Canaveral National Seashore Beach

Asos Design Onepiece, Carrie Forbes Sandals (similar), Basket Bag from Provence (similar), Zalando Essentials Cashmere Jumper, Céline Sunglasses (old – similar)

I’m beginning our Florida Escape at one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Wherever we are we love to experience the beach and see the ocean at least on one day of our trip. When we planned our spontaneous Florida trip it was clear that the Sunday had to be spend at a beach near Orlando. After asking for many recommendations and some googling the decision was made for the Canaveral National Seashore beach. It seamed to be the most natural and lonely non crowded beach around. We’re not too keen on having another person right next to us and loud music playing in the background.  All of our hopes were fulfilled at Canaveral National Seashore beach.

The drive from Orlando city center was very easy and just over an hour. Can you imagine living in a city with such easy access to a natural non crowded beach at the weekends (and I’m sure there are many more)? We for sure would be making frequent weekend trips. You have to pay $15 admission for one week and $40 for a year pass. But that’s totally fine when you see what you get for it. The place is taken such good care of and the National Park and its wildlife gets protected. One our drive in we were already greeted by a cute turtle – how cool is that? You’re driving on a very narrow piece of land off from the mainland with the Atlantic ocean and the beach to the left and the bay to the right. It’s about 6km long and the sights are already amazing.

The beach was basically empty! Just a few people around the locations to park (behind the dunes), but then you can walk for an hour and don’t see one human being. It was heaven on Earth, I truly think this is how paradise looks. The light was so special and the February sun already strong enough to be comfortable in a bathing suit. I picked this flower print belted one piece up for our trip and felt so good in it. The feminine blush pink and pastel yellow design is so feminine, yet the cut quite sexy. Whenever the sun hid behind a cloud I would throw over my blush pink cashmere jumper and was surprised how well these two pieces went together.

After relaxing for a bit we walked down the beach for about an hour hand in hand without seeing another soul. It was so romantic and a situation out of a dream and not real life. I collected some shells on the way as souvenirs to bring back home. The sun was already setting while walking back and we quickly picked up our things to head to the end of the shore in order to watch the sunset on the other side of the coast. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t hold my tears (I actually sobbed). I filmed some clips from the walk on the beach and the sunset and they’re saved on my Instagram highlights. This day was one of the most special ones of my whole life and one that I will never forget! We’ll definitely be back Canaveral National Seashore.

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