Blue & Green

During the last two to three years I really found and curated what my personal style is. But even during that time and with each passing year the definition gets finer and finer. I think the older you get, you not only know yourself better, you also don’t feel like trying too hard or being uncomfortable anymore. I can’t stand pieces that feel stiff or over the top or too colorful. It’s rather that my style gets more and more effortless and simple.

This summer I feel especially drawn to neutrals, whites and the colors blue and green. And I’m certain this will stay my preferred palette for the future, one that I will confidently invest in high quality pieces that I’ll wear over and over. While blue and green are no groundbreaking new colors, it feels soothing to have a palette that you can lean into. They’re classic, timeless, serene and certainly very grown up. 

Creating a color palette for your personal style & home

Having a color palette in your mind not only helps with your personal style, it also sets the tone for a home. And while I don’t have my own house yet, I absolutely have a little inspiration presentation that is a flow of whites, cremes, blues and greens. Especially blue and green decor and accessories can create such a beautiful atmosphere. This tablecloth, these pillows and these napkins are definitely high on my list for curating a timeless and serene home.

And until I have my own home I’ll continue to refine my wardrobe with high quality, lasting pieces that feel effortless and easy to wear. Of course classic floral prints are a huge favorite especially in blue and green. My newest addition is this romantic dress that feels like nothing on the skin and can be worn for so many different occasions. And I love this skirt with a simple white tee and raffia sandals

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