Beach Day at Cap Formentor

One day we took the trip up to the most northern point of Mallorca. Cap Formentor is a peninsula with amazing views high up above sea level and there’s also a beautiful beach called Platja de Formentor located in one of the bays. We’ve already been there on a previous trip to the island and knew it was fantastic so we were keen to head back. The views along the drive are stunning already, but you should definitely make the stop at the highest point to take in the panorama of the cliffs and endless ocean. After we arrived at the beach we set up spot for the whole day. The sun was incredibly strong during our whole Mallorca stay so we did rent an umbrella spot, since we wanted to spend a long time on the beach that day. The water was crystal clear and there were only a few rocks at the beginning of the ocean, but then the loveliest white sand and sea bed. Since this beach is located in a bay and you have wonderful views on both sides you really have the feeling you’re in a tropical scene.

This day was my most favorite day on the island! I was so relaxed, read a big part of my book and went swimming again and again. I wore my new Marysia Palm Springs swimsuit that I’ve had my eye on for a while (especially while being a beachwear buyer in my previous job and buying the brand for department stores). It’s such a timeless piece and I always loved the look of a white one piece. And I did the test – it’s not getting see through after going in the water ;). Still it’s not the most hiding piece in terms of showing what’s underneath. But I absolutely love the white shade and scallops and the fabric is a lot more comfortable than other swimwear pieces I have.

My India Amory pareo also came in handy since I used it to give different parts of my body shade and also to take the trip to the beach and back. It’s so versatile and you can basically use it for everything you could think of. The combination of the white one piece and light blue pareo is so classic and one I’ll be wearing for many beach trips to come. My straw hat sadly sold out while I’ve been in Mallorca, but I absolutely love the blue ribbon of this one that I only found recently. 

All in all it was the most perfect beach day on the island and if you’re ever on Mallorca you just have to go up to Cap Formentor and Platja de Formentor. We waited for the sun to nearly set bathing the nature in it’s evening light. This time of the day was always the most magical. The beach gets quiet and the heat of the day fades away. On our way back we stopped again to take in the views of the coast. I was just so so happy and had the most special day!

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