Roselind Co. is a small Design Studio and Lifestyle Destination inspired by enduring yet fresh aesthetics.

Our mission is to help creative businesses craft the brand identity and digital home of their dreams. We understand the unique needs of our clients and always focus on their goals and vision. Rather than a design firm, we are strategic minds that look into all aspects of your business. 

Through our detailed process we are your trusted partner and on your side every step of the way, making sure you understand our choices and feel confident with your new design. That way your visual identity is going to be the foundation for measurable future growth.

Meet Sally

My name is Sally and I’m the woman behind the design studio and lifestyle site. After designing and blogging on the side for a few years, I knew it was time to make it official and founded Roselind Co. at the beginning of 2021. Since I loved both creative endeavors so much I wanted to combine them into one venture that expresses my classic and enduring style and helps my clients and audience with valuable high-quality design services and unique content.

I fell in love with the online world since I can remember and the possibility to meld creative design and target-aimed strategy while working with passionate like-minded souls truly makes up my dream life mission. It’s my honor to work with extraordinary business clients and brand partners that share my values.

My inspiration comes from a place of timeless character that has a high-end look, but still that fresh approach that sets you apart. It’s heavily influenced by interiors, nature and photographs.

Get to know me

I believe in dreaming big and strive for true creative inner fulfillment
I’m an old soul and introvert
It‘s my biggest number one life dream to live in a Lowcountry house with shutters and a front porch
Flowers and oak trees are my favorite things on earth
I live for warm and sunny days spent outside
My soul is the calmest while riding a horse or cuddling dogs
I love baking and hate cooking
While being a very analytical organized person, I enjoy the magic of creating visual experiences most
Collector of linens, porcelain, baskets, antiques and ”rose“ pieces.

In need of a strong professional brand that will express the high standards of your work?