A Note on why Sensibility and Kindness are your biggest Strengths

This topic was in my head for a while and I always wanted to write a post about it. Now more than ever I think it’s a fitting time to speak about these two special character traits.

For the longest time I thought being kind and sensible was something bad. That I was weak and especially in the business world should try to be more harsh and cold. When I started my career I was building a wall around my emotions and sweetness and wanted to show my huge confidence and professionalism through that. But if your are something, you can’t hide it and after some time I realized that people liked me for being thoughtful and kind. There was nothing to be afraid of in showing your sensible side and you could still make powerful confident statements that will earn you the respect of others. I also realized that I didn’t want to spend my life being a part of these very cool career women. I wanted to hone in on my kind, friendly, romantic, sweet, nice and sensible side. Especially if that meant to be speaking up for people that have been talked about at lunch break. I’ve never felt more powerful!

This is just my small story that I especially recognized during my professional career. But I think you can transfer this to so many aspects in life. So many people are afraid to show their emotional side and hide behind this cool wall. They might even ignore things happening around them, because it’s too much to feel when you truly acknowledge them. But those feelings are the secret to being a true leader. Not only in your professional life, but also caring for your family and by standing up for people that need you.

  1. They make you understand the people around you better
  2. They make you understand your own feelings better
  3. They allow you to feel and experience true happiness
  4. They also allow you to feel the sadness that you always tried to shut off your thoughts
  5. They make your more patient with everything (especially in the check point line)
  6. They lower your stress levels
  7. They calm you down to think reasonably
  8. They make you incredibly likable, much more than being the cool one
  9. They make you a good leader and professional partner
  10. They make you confident in your own way
  11. They lead you the right way
  12. They tell you to take yourself back to let others shine
  13. They also tell you when it’s just the time for you and only you
  14. They help you tackle your fears and prejudices (especially those instilled by society)
  15. They help you to find your own personal success (whatever that might be)
  16. They help you sense injustice and make you speak up
  17. They help you to make hard decisions
  18. They let you see the wonders of this world with open eyes
  19. They open your heart for good things and people
  20. They let you be the true you without any playing


I hope these show you that you’re even more powerful when showing sensibility and kindness to those around you and to yourself. Don’t we all want to live a life where we can honor these traits and share pure happiness?

Choose powerful conversations above running someone down.
Choose your soft side over shutting your feelings off.
Choose warmness over coolness.

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