A Note on Simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

This slow time during winter feels different this time. Winter always gives me a lot of anxiety since my mood is so affected by the grey and cold. And when the season started I was prepared for those feelings to come over me, and they came. But then the time between the years happened and after a full year and stressful holiday season I let myself fully rest, without any plans and without any to do list. And this was actually all the magic I needed to reset and find back to my inner peace. When you do this, stillness happens in your mind – finally. You can see clearly again and calm the whirlwind of thoughts, directions and distractions that drain your energy and make you kind of blind or deaf for your gut voice. The one that knows what to do and brings so much relief and clarity.

I did a lot of reflection and realized that I was constantly overwhelmed in the past year. There was so much going on that I never stopped to take a breath and therefore couldn’t see clearly anymore. And I think many feel the same way living a fast life filled with impressions, hustling, dreams, heartbreak, to do lists, social activities and noise. And when you do this rollercoaster of emotions too long you loose yourself a bit and can’t connect with who you really are and what you really want anymore. 

So when I took the time, felt the stillness and listened, one word came back into my mind over and over: Simplicity. All in me didn’t want to go back to that draining  feeling of overwhelm. And this happens in so many different parts of life. Funnily one of the first realizations I’ve had in terms of creating a simpler life for me was standing in front of my underwear drawer. So many different ones, so many different colors and half of them are annoyingly uncomfortable. Why not having the same nude, white or black ones that you know fit well and work under everything and already take that thought process out of your day. Of course you can keep 2-3 special ones tucked away for, you know, those special occasions. Next I sorted out my mobile notes and then my skincare regimen and there’s more on the list to simplify.

So of course creating simplicity has a lot to do with organizing your life and creating routines. But it’s also about taking the time for yourself and listen. To your own thoughts or to inspiring minds on podcasts. Feel inspired again by flipping through coffee table books or creating Pinterest boards. I just rediscovered Tumblr for me and find the people over there incredibly creative. I also saved a lot of products for a simpler more elegant and versatile wardrobe. Lots of creme shades that calm my mind and pieces that work together in many variations. I plan on traveling a lot this year so this will make my life easier and my suitcase lighter. 

And next to personal life improvements the stillness also brought me so much creativity, which is probably what gives me most excitement and joy. Because I could see clearer and my mind was free, my ideas were flowing and it had the best impact on my design work, but also on my desire to create. To start writing more again, to work on my photo editing, refine my aesthetic style and to see the world in my very own eyes.

When I was on a long walk in the cold winter sun yesterday I hold my face in the sun and the landscape was not necessarily beautiful with everything being dead. Winter was still here and I very much felt it. But I also felt that I wasn’t having depressed or anxious thoughts. And mainly because I felt clarity in my head and was able to see where I was heading without too much noise buzzing in my thoughts. 

So this will be my intention for this year. Creating simplicity for myself, even in the busiest and hopefully also most exciting moments.

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