A Note on Letting Go & Silver Linings

“Do you believe that behind every cloud is a silver lining? Because if you do, now’s the time to start believing it.”
― Charles F Glassman

It’s here, 2021. We’ve been waiting for you. But we’re still very much in it, right? Still waiting, still confused. Still unsure, if we actually can look forward to this new year full of possibilities. The lessons learned navigating this past year will probably shape us and our thoughts over the next years. This anticipation of new bad news is very much instilled in us and we’re all anxiously awaiting a time of carefreeness. A time to make new plans and finally being able to go for them.

You know what’s great? This time will come! And I’m absolutely sure it will be this year. It’s difficult to see now, but those clouds are very slowly clearing up and you can already see the silver lining. It’s not far. I can already see us dancing outside in the summer experiencing those special moments so much more intensively as we could have ever imagined. Only thinking about it, let butterflies fly through my whole stomach.

It will happen, but for now going into the new year the best thing we can do is letting go. Letting go of expectations of us, of others and of the world. Indulge a little bit more in the time of ”you don’t have to“ and practice full on hibernation this winter. And by spring this little fire that is flickering inside us is slowly getting bigger and we can already see the bright possibilities that lie ahead of us.

I for myself have big plans for this year and they’re warming my heart whenever I feel sad or hopeless with this situation. But at the same time I know the time has not come yet. And for now I’ll continue practicing the one thing I will forever take with me from 2020: if you can’t control it, let go. This will probably be the last months of a time with no pressure. A time of calmness and stillness. And, as I mention again and again, stillness has the most impact on my personal growth and lets me see clearer and clearer.

And when the time comes and the silver lining is beautiful bright silver light, I’m ready.
Because I kept my body healthy with fitness, yoga and good food.
Because I kept my soul healthy with projects, reading and meaningful conversations.
And because I never gave up my dreams of something bigger.

Instead of setting any intentions, this year, I’m committing to less set in stone plans and more embracing life’s sweet real moments to the fullest. It will all work out on it’s own and even though it’s unbelievably frustrating at times, know that you’re still very much on track.

Happy New Year!

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