A Guide to Romantic Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are unquestionable my absolute favorite thing to wear. They beat jeans on a mile in terms of comfiness and I personally just feel like my true self in them. As I wrote in this post I would describe my style with the word romantic first and so it’s no surprise that I’m always on the hunt for romantic dresses. Dresses that let you dream and twirl in and that have attributes such as ruffles, bows, layers, an A-line silhouette, lace, floral prints, a full skirt, pastel colors or classic whites and a sweet feminine design. They are timeless and can’t be attributed to a specific trend. They make you feel like a true lady – confident and at ease in your own skin. There are a few brands that I always look at for their current romantic designs. So here goes. Find my guide to romantic summer dresses below…

A Luxury Design

Since dresses are my most worn pieces I truly like to invest in timeless pieces that will be my favorites year after year. Good thing is that a lot of these are on Sale and you can get them for a much better price than usually. I’m especially drawn to these brand’s designs this year. My favorite retailer to get all of them is actually Matchesfashion. They have the best selection for designer pieces in my opinion.


Thierry Colson

Loretta Caponi


A Premium Approach

There are lots of brands in the premium segment I adore and I think the borders to luxury are blurred. I have loved these for years and especially Tory Burch is one that I will come back to for my whole life. D’Ascoli is a favorite for breezy cotton styles and Tuckernuck is technically a retailer that just has the best selection.

Tory Burch




A Highstreet Selection

Many of my summer dresses are actually from retailers such as & Other Stories or Mango. I love that I don’t have to worry about them and mostly I just grab them while I spare my premium ones for a special occasion. There are so many good designs for a good price out there and luckily the current fashion has lots of romantic styles.

&Other Stories









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