A Countryside Story

Sezane Blouse, Horror Vacui Munich Skirt, Lauren Ralph Lauren Boots (old similar here), Barbour Jacket

Since moving back to the countryside full-time my well being improved tremendously. I already knew how much I craved trees, fresh air, wideness and solitude while I was living in the big city. But only now I truly realized how much of an impact it has on my body and soul. I feel more me than in years and my soul feels so much healthier. I never want to return to a big city life and it’s stress factors again ever. There’s nothing better than looking out of the window and seeing fields instead of the next house wall and I love taking long walks through nature everyday. Every bike ride, dog walk our horse ride is placing a big smile on my face.

I can truly say that I’m a country girl.

I’m also having so much fun experimenting with my country style. Obviously I’m not dressed in the chicest ensembles when strolling through the fields. But one thing I can’t give up are my florals. Either floral dresses or as in these photos floral skirts that express my feminine style. They can easily be transitioned into my daily life with practical boots such as riding boots, rain boots or ankle boots. This very full skirt is such a special piece for fall. If you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative I just ordered this one. And I totally fell in love with this ruffled blouse that looks great with skirts or jeans. It’s such an easy piece that still looks very special.

Just throw your favorite Barbour jacket on top of every look and you’re ready to go on an adventure. I wear this one every single day!

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